StrongHER TogetHER - Join

StrongHER TogetHER girls enter our program as rising fifth-graders. They are nominated every spring by area elementary
school counselors. Nominations are not based on academics or extracurricular efforts, but rather a family’s openness and
excitement about our mission and about their child meeting new people and going new places.

We also look for nominees who will likely be an ambassador for out program within their schools, sharing our mission and
applying what they learn. We provide transportation for families that require it and we do not seek any funding from our families.

If you are interested in our program, please see your school counselor. If they are unfamiliar with StrongHER TogetHER, please
ask them to be in touch with us directly. Also please be aware we are growing with each passing year and we have waiting lists
for each of our groups. Bear with us as we accommodate as many girls as our resources allow.



The Youth Representatives Team provides yet another layer of mentoring for StrongHER TogetHER. This team IS comprised of
high school juniors and seniors. Like the StrongHER TogetHER girls, this team comes to us from many parts of the

So not only are these young people mentoring the StrongHER TogetHER girls, and participating on our board, but they’re also
making new friends who they would maybe never meet otherwise.

If you’re interested in being part of the Youth Representative team, contact US and we will email you an application OR ask
your school counselor to get in touch as we always love to tell them about our program as well!